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New franchise opportunities

By on March 14, 2018

According to surveys, it has been shown that 90% of start-up businesses fail within three years. But in comparison, franchising businesses have lower rate of failure. It’s obvious, then that a majority would be more interested in starting a franchise than going solo. There are various reasons why franchising industry has such increased success-rate and here are some of them.

1. Risk minimization Starting a business is a very risky affair. Sometimes, it involves the entire family savings. One of the factors that work in favor of the franchising industry is that the amount of risk associated with it is quite low. That is because you are following the footsteps of a reputable name that is already enjoying a distinctive position in the market. It reduces your task of establishing your brand-name in the business. If you are meticulous about following the instructions of your franchisor and put all your hard work in your business, there is no reason why you won’t succeed in the franchising industry.

2.Franchisors provide the learning curve One of the prime reasons why start-up businesses fail is lack of experience and knowledge of the field. But in a franchising business, you just inherit these two things from your franchisor. While climbing the ladder of success, your franchisor made many mistakes, which caused him problems. But he has learned from his mistakes and can help you avoid them.

3 There is a business format to follow When you start a business, valuable time is spent on developing a proper format for it, such as how your bills or invoice should look like, how to schedule your jobs, when to order for refills, etc. But in the franchising business, all these things and more come from the franchisor. In fact, the whole sketch is there in a franchising business, all you have to do is fill it with your color.

4. Ability to purchase in bulk Several new businessmen suffer because they cannot buy in huge quantity and so, they do not get good discounts. That makes them vulnerable to big companies with lower price. Also, many companies hesitate to give a line of credit to newly opened businesses. But, no such problems arise when you are a franchisee. Since it is your franchisor who is buying, (and he is purchasing in huge quantity!), you get the best deals and discounts. As a result, your business can be competitive.

5.You can expand easily If a new franchisee is hard-working and has his infrastructure right, he can break even quite easily. But a new businessman needs more time to make the business profitable. Even after that, he has to think twice before expanding his business. But franchisees can easily expand within five years of their first opening. In addition, his franchisor gives him additional discounts for opening a second location. That further reduces the cost of expanding his operation.

Now you know why franchising industry is becoming so popular day-by-day. If you want to know more about the franchising industry, contact franchisingcity today.

When you are starting a franchise an important question arises; should you go for the established franchise opportunities or give the new players a look? To help you, here are some pros and cons of new and established franchise business for sale offers.
Firestorm has developed step by step plans, processes, and procedures to assist companies in planning for and managing disasters and crises. Today, we are experiencing increased natural disasters, terrorism, and health crises/epidemics. The Red Cross states there are 70,000 disasters annually in the United States.

Honest-1 Auto Care is the only national full-service auto repair and maintenance franchise chain that is 100 percent ESA Certified eco-friendly. Honest-1 executes four eco-friendly actions companywide, including strict recycling of auto materials, pollution prevention, resource conservation and trademarked services like ECO TuneUp and ECO Oil Change.

Fresh food, not fast food – 18 yr old, award winning hamburger, milkshake franchise. Family oriented concept
Year Established: 1991
Year First Franchised: 2002
Franchised Units: 5
Company Owned Units: 8
Projected New Units (12 months): 24
States/Countries Registered In: ALL
Availability in Canada: single and …

GOLF USA is an international franchisor of over 100 golf retail stores worldwide. GOLF USA has been rated the # 1 golf franchisor by Entrepreneur Magazine several times. The stores sell all brands of equipment, accessories, and clothing including the proprietary Golf USA brand. All stores have Club Repair services.

Magento Themes

By on April 28, 2015

Magento Themes – Store system with system

You already know Magento. It is not so? We cannot believe you, because if you are moving in the network regularly, you will probably already have met Magento. They are still puzzling. We would like to advice: If Magento is a shop system, which is available as open source.”The Store Magento software has proven itself in the past few years, so it is very popular among developers and users,” says Nils Heuer, Senior Developer, Nionex Interactive and he speaks from experience. He himself has already installed numerous online shops with the software that are adapted to themagentoconnect-manager-2015-themes needs of the customer. That Magento is extensive, complex and flexible.The applications until now have been downloaded 2.5 million times, making it one of the most successful e-commerce applications of the year. An upward trend, which is also on the Magento community that already counts far more than 300,000 members. No wonder, the software is constantly being developed and has concrete plans the expansion of services. The diversity of functions magento-admin-panel-theme-settingsis another big plus for the software, even in the standard free version users a large margin was necessary, which does not close by the modular adaptations and new versions.”The focus is clearly on the usability of the website. We miss all meet usability guidelines, but the personal touch to the design to match the product and the target audience. Since it is perfectly natural that we can work with Magento so free! “, Art Director CarstenThöne raves about the software. With Magento, he was able to make good experiences, but other store systems, which have other advantages, he says.

The developers of the award-winning open source shopping cart solution does not rest at and work hard on innovations to shop owners to simplify the interaction with the system. Completely new is the MagBakery plugin, with the small shop owners can simplify their operations and thus benefit from a significant cost and time relief.

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